Futnet Ireland have been playing been full UNIF members since 2012. They are a core group of just 6 players. 
After their poor results in 2012 and 2014 they have improved significantly. In 2015 they managed to finish 8th place in the European Championships in the singles discipline. Following that success they had their best campaign to date in the last World Championships in Brno. Steven Conway won the B World Championship Singles Trophy which was an amazing achievement for such a small group of players. In the Doubles and Triples discipline they managed to finish even higher (11th place) and are hoping they can repeat this in Cluj this November. Finishing between 9-12 place has earned them valuable seeded positions and they are hoping to qualify for the A Championships again. 
The provisional squad has been announced in recent days and it looks like it will be some familiar faces with the possibility of new management:
Jamie Mulrooney
Gary Sheegar
Robert Sheegar
Steven Conway
Emmet Ó Mordha. 

Official name Form of organization
Futnet Irlanda Association

Liam Hynes - manager

Steven Conway - coach


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