Swiss Futnet Federation was founded in 1987. The best result of the national team is a silver medal at European Championships 2007 from Trenčín, Slovakia.

They also had bronze medals at doubles and triples at European Championships 2011 from Corsica, France and at the World Championships 2016 from Brno.

The intern championship has 3 leagues and there is a women league with 9 teams. This is a sport more and more practiced in Switzerland and which gathers more and more players every year.



Official name Organization form
Swiss Futnet Association Association


Romain Jaquet- President

Gilles Grandjean – Vice President

Jonathan Gisler - Treasurer

Cathia Rossano - Secretary

Aurélien Kolly - Responsible domestic championship

Emmanuelle Sauteur- Responsible media and communication

Dominique Julan - Coach



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